Digitalisation, innovation diffusion and productivity growth

Last week, the OECD welcomed Carlos Moedas to discuss the links between diffusion of innovation and productivity growth at the New approaches to Economic Challenges seminar series.
"We may not yet be at the stage where we have flying cars. But I am not yet accepting the pessimist’s narrative".

Commissioner Moedas stated that we are on the cusp of a new wave of innovation that will have a positive impact on productivity growth. He presented key initiatives to counter the slow-down in productivity growth at the EU level.

How can we improve the diffusion of technologies and digital skills to boost productivity?

To better address the challenges should we be more realistic in our approach to technology, between the alarmist and the idealist points of view?

In which ways do uncertain times present new opportunities to adopt new business strategies, new policies, new creative approaches?

Watch and react!


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