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Apr 07, 2023

At Pennine Kids, we have looked at this issue about lack of employment-ready skills in young people, pulling together evidence-based research and empirical data well before the start of COVID. There is a solution that we are trialling in the UK.

Cyber Street UK (https://cyberstreet.online) is our business-led collaborative community that builds grassroots partnerships between local businesses/employers, schools and careers. We know that a one size fits all approach to youth careers and employment doesn't work and never will. Every business now has its own opportunity to tell young people all about the exciting opportunities on their doorstep; and the skills, experience, qualifications, personal qualities and other things they look for in the workforce. We never talk about the world of work in schools. If schools cannot connect with local businesses, and businesses don't tell schools and young people about their needs, education and work will remain poles apart. Building those long-term, sustainable, early-on relationships at grassroots builds opportunity, strength, resilience,continuity, certainty, trust and confidence in local and regional markets. Strengthening value in and role of local communities to provide volunteering opportunities and CSR.

We have to show how core/soft skills are critical tools to help find a good job, bridge the skills gap and future-proof the workforce.These skills also provide the key competences for digital skills, and cyber resilience skills. Cyber Street UK - like a LinkedIn for schools - also allows employers and their staff to share videos, audios and blogs. Helping to inspire and give hope to our next generation customers, employees, investors and business owners. Employees are the greatest ambassadors we have. Cyber Street UK allows them to talk about their jobs, why they do what they do, opportunities available, and importantly, discuss work-life balance. The local employers directory on Cyber Street allows businesses to add their own information on skills, jobs and opportunities aimed at young people. We also run two online programmes for schools - Ebusiness Club and Cyber Club to help young people understand the context of online opportunities and threats. We want to roll out Cyber Street to a wider audience to break down traditional barriers that stop schools and businesses from collaborating with each other.     

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Will Roebuck