Virginia Littlejohn

Co-Founder and President, Quantum Leaps, lnc.

About Virginia Littlejohn

Virginia Littlejohn was Senior Advisor for Women’s Entrepreneurship for the OECD’s SME Unit from 1996 to 2006, and first got them interested in women’s entrepreneurship. During this time, she co-organized 3 global best practice conferences on women’s entrepreneurship for the OECD in Paris and Istanbul, one tied-in with an 86-country SME Ministerial, and 2 regional best practice conferences for the MENA Region in Istanbul.  She is a W7 Advisor, Co-Head of the US W20 Delegation, Co-Chair of the W20’s MSME Working Group, and is Global Coordinator for Women Entrepreneurs Act (WE Act), designed to drive W20 action and implementation.

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