Tom Dunbar

CTO, uvcPhyzx Corporation
  • United States of America

About Tom Dunbar

Dedicated 24/7 since 2019 to assist in the global pandemic "virus wars".  Inventor of extreme air sanitization devices operating a high throughput that create fluid dynamic air patterns in closed environments bringing the cleanest air into occupants breathing zones and moving the newly contaminated air away.  Inventor of omnidirectional UV-C optical power density measurement equipment for Far UV installation performance and level conformance as well as evaluation of any UV-C device performance claims.  

Professor of Physics emeritus State University of New York, MS Optical Engineering, Institute of Optics at the University of Rochester, New York. 18 years R&D engineering Eastman Kodak & Westinghouse Electric Corporation. 

Member ASHRAE SSPC 185 Methods of Test to Inactivate Microorganisms in HVAC Systems with UV-C Lights 

The fundamental science behind inactivating pathogens with UV-C light white paper:

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Jul 28, 2023

Investing in being prepared is a great concept.  Execution is where it is lacking.  There is more than vaccine development that could assist being ready for the next one.  How or where is there opportunity for new air sanitization and interior fluid dynamic approaches to receive funding?  Specifically, we should have a comprehensive plan that targets the next location of an outbreak anywhere on the planet.  Mobilize an international effort to move equipment and personnel to the outbreak location and contain it with extreme air sanitization protection for reduced transmission probabilities and quarantine facilities for treatment and recovery.  Now that we know that aerosol transmission is the principal vector for pandemic situations, let us address it by moving the cleanest air into the breathing zones  in interior spaces and removing / sanitizing the newly contaminated air from infected occupants.  I can help but I can't do it alone.