Tatjana Dolinšek

Project Co-ordinator, Youth Transition Project

About Tatjana Dolinšek

In 1983, Tatjana Dolinšek completed her Bachelor’s degree at the Faculty of Social Studies in Ljubljana at the Department of Sociology, specialising in social work and rehabilitation counselling. In 1994, she completed her Master's degree at the same faculty with a thesis on solving the problems of disabled workers. She works as a director and owner of RACIO, a human capital development company, and RACIO SOCIAL, institution for the development of social and employment programmes. In the implementation of programmes and projects she cooperates with numerous professional institutions in Slovenia and abroad. She has authored numerous innovative approaches from the field of vocational rehabilitation of the disabled in companies and local communities. Through working in the field of social policies and problems of unemployment, she has become established in the field of active labor market policy programmes, especially public works. Last 15 years she has been especially active in the field of transition of young people with disabilities from school to the labour market. She was one of the coordinators of the Youth Transition Project, namely for the Slovenia’s Eastern Cohesion Region. She publishes articles in various journals and publications in Slovenia and abroad and also works as the project holder or team member in R&D and international projects.

Stakeholder Group

NGO/Civil Society