Tatiana Glad & Karen Kun

Co-founder; President and Co-founder, Waterlution

About Tatiana Glad & Karen Kun

Tatiana Glad is an entrepreneur, sustainability practitioner and change strategist working across sectors and cultures with a focus on impact entrepreneurship, innovation & sustainability, and the next generation. Tatiana is co-founder and director of Impact Hub Amsterdam, chair emeritus of the global Impact Hub Association Board, and co-founder of social enterprise Waterlution. Tatiana is Canadian, based in Amsterdam.

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Karen Kun is Co-founder and President of Waterlution and Co-founder of Greatness – The Great Lakes Project. Karen incorporates storytelling, building personal connections, peer-to-peer social engagement and empathy as fundamental tools in creating meaningful water dialogue. As a mother, entrepreneur and mentor, Karen proudly supports youth development. Along with her water background, she is a skilled business leader who from 2005-2012 was publisher of Corporate Knights magazine.

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