Stefano Scarpetta

Director, Employment, Labour and Social Affairs, OECD
Shahid Farooq

Advisor Social Protection, Sub-National Governance Program, Oxford Policy Management


PRESIDENT, AILM Associazione Italiana Lean Managers + ALES the European Lean Managers Society

ALES (with AILM Associazione Italiana Lean Managers) is the EUROPEAN LEAN MANAGERS SOCIETY. It is a non-profit organization founded in 2007 at Brussels where it has been based ever since. ALES is LinkedIn based. ALES is the biggest European non-profit association dealing with Continuous Improvement. Our conferences are FREE-ADMITTANCE ALES is the European platform for Directors, VPs, CEOs and professionals involved in Continuous Improvement projects. Our main goal is the organization of International Conferences, Local Meetings and Workshops on Continuous Improvement.
Gopesh Tewari

Head - IRRI Education, IRRI


Vice President, Generation-a Mckinsey & co founded org

A start-up specialist, an entrepreneur to the core and with a belief that "a problem " is an opportunity to learn. A TVET Enthusiast with an Entrepreneurial mindset contributing to the Skills Ecosystem globally.
Emmanuelle Floquet

Project Manager, Working For Change