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Aug 18, 2023

Thank you for sharing this insightful article about existential logistics and the need to build resilient supply chains. It's true that in today's rapidly changing business landscape, there are various pressures that require us to rethink and transform our supply chain strategies. Some key takeaways from the article include:

- Resilience in supply chains is crucial, not only in response to global emergencies but also in addressing lower-profile pressures.
- Building supply chains differently means considering factors such as sustainability, agility, and adaptability.
- Technology and innovation play a significant role in enabling resilient supply chains, such as using advanced analytics, AI, and automation.
- It's essential to continuously monitor and evaluate supply chain processes to identify vulnerabilities and implement necessary improvements.

For more information on building resilient supply chains and effective supply chain management, you can refer to the following link: . It provides additional insights and resources on supply chain management.

Feel free to explore the provided link for more details. Let me know if you have any further questions or if there's anything else I can assist you with!