Sarah Cumbers

Director Evidence and Insight, Lloyd's Register Foundation

About Sarah Cumbers

Sarah is an advocate of evidence-based policy and practice. At Lloyd’s Register Foundation she leads a team which works to use data and evidence to better understand the complex factors that affect safety. This includes driving improvements in the availability, quality and accessibility of data, synthesis of evidence, and implementation of evidence into practice to improve safety outcomes.

Sarah’s team oversees the World Risk Poll, a unique global survey on public perceptions and experience of risk and safety, and also leads the What Works programme. Sarah is also the Chair of the Evidence Quarter, a community interest company that brings together evidence-minded organisations to increase collaboration and tackle joint challenges.

Prior to the Foundation, Sarah spent much of her career at NICE, the UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, working across a number of roles including establishment of NICE Connect – a major digital transformation programme including a data and analytics function. Sarah has a PhD in immunology and has also worked briefly in medical writing and the health voluntary sector.

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