Romina Boarini

Director, Centre on Well-Being, Inclusion, Sustainability and Equal Opportunity (WISE), OECD
Abel Eseru

Programme Officer-Governance and Civic Engagement, Alliance For Finance Monitoring


학생, 동아보건대학교

간호,SGDs,정부,코로나19 바이러스, NGO등  다양하게 커뮤니티 할수 있습니다~!^^

Johanna Lehmacher

Diversity Education, InterGrow

Jose Luis Ramon

Diputado , Protectora fuerza política


Researcher, University of porto

Alfonso Giuliano Navarro Carvallo

CEO, Consultoria Empresarial ELITE



Jonah is a young social entrepreneur, philanthropist, a researcher and a business analyst. He spends most of his time in research and humanitarian work. Jonah first served at Muteesa 1 Royal University (of Buganda Kingdom-Uganda) as an Assistant Lecturer and later joined Ndejje University (Uganda). He is the Founder of Gateway Research Centre Uganda-a think tank for which he is the Managing Director since 2019 to date.

His research is evidence-based and aimed at informing policy and contributing to social-economic development.  He sits on Kyaddondo CBS PEWOSA SACCO with over 8,000 members where he is the Board Secretary. He envisages a Uganda free from socio-economic development deficiencies. 

He is the founder of Tuwangule Women's Forum located at Wakiso Uganda. The forum aims at empowering women to ensure self -sustaining families. 

Jonah is also an Evangelist Pastor at Word of Faith Christian Ministries Namagoma-Uganda. 

Isabelle Breault

Sr Manager, Corporations Canada

Lucy Westerman

Lead, Commercial Determinants Of Health, VicHealth

Brian Mcleish

Corporate Affairs Senior Execuitve, Scottish Enterprise

Jacques Drolet

Global Regulatory Strategist, IDRG

Isatis Marie Cintron Rodriguez

Regional Coordinator, Citizens Climate International


Public administrator, Instituto Federal do Paraná - IFPR

Laura Rayner

Policy Analyst, European Policy Centre

Fiona Stevens

Musician/Researcher/Educator, Self-employed/Hochschule Darmstadt

Therese Tan

Early childhood development practitioner, Association for Early Childhood Educators Singapore (AECES)