Renee N. Salas

Yerby Fellow, Center for Climate, Health, and the Global Environment, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
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Kam Sripada

Neuroscientist, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Kam Sripada PhD is a neuroscientist at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). She has studied how social and environmental factors influence child brain development and contribute to global health inequalities.

Learn more about children’s environmental health on Little Things Matter (@littlethingsmtr on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). 

Zofia Karczewska

academic researcher, University of Bialystok

Elizabeth Villagomez

International Consultant and Researcher, VEV Consulting and Research

I am a specialist in applied economics in the areas of budgeting, evaluations, social policy and labour market issues in over 30 developed and developing countries with over 30 years’ experience in LAC and North America, Africa, CEE, CIS, Middle East, Far East and EU countries. I have been economic adviser for the UN on three occasions concentrating on women´s economic and social rights. Since the end of 2002, as founding partner of Almenara Estudios Económicos y Sociales, S.L., I was senior researcher for various reports for the European Parliament and European Commission; and also an international consultant for various UN agencies. I have been Expert for Spain (2003-2008) in the 'Group of non-governmental experts in the fight against poverty and social exclusion' for the European Commission; EU senior gender expert (2009-2011) in the Network of Socio Economic experts in the Discrimination Field; Member of the Scientific Board of External Evaluators of the GENISLAB project (2012-2015), a project on gender budgeting applied in public universities; Expert for Spain in the European Social Fund evaluation network (2011-2012); Skillsnet expert (expert on labour market statistics and analysis of skills and occupations, CEDEFOP (2008-2010).Since 2015 I have returned to consulting for UN Agencies and for the European Institute for Gender Equality. I have also taken courses on business and human rights and on data science. My main interests are in gender equality, future of work, applied data science and researching the damage of multi level marketing firms to consumers, in particular women.

Arsen Nazaryan

Corporate Governance course lecturer , Eurasia International University

Operations Officer, a private sector development specialist, joined the IFC, World Bank Group in 2009.
Senior economic policy expert focusing on analysis and the implementation of regulatory and governance improvements.
Legal background combined with experience in leadership positions.
In-depth knowledge of business regulation policies and practice, proven skills in multi-stakeholder engagement and coordination (Government, Private sector, civil society, and international organizations).
Goal-oriented attitude combined with effective project and team management skills.

Interested in Sustainability and ESG agenda. 

Lecturing Corporate Governance at Eurasia International University, Armenia (


Researcher, University of porto

Azra Abdul Majeed

Ph.D. researcher , University of Management and Technology Lahore