Réka Sáfrány

President, European Women’s Lobby

About Réka Sáfrány

Réka Sáfrány is President of the European Women’s Lobby and chair of the Hungarian Women’s Lobby (HWL), EWL’s National Coordination in Hungary. In her 15 years of experience as a gender equality expert, Réka has worked at MONA Foundation for the Women of Hungary and at the Hungarian Women’s Lobby. In her work, she has conducted policy research on women’s political participation, gender and media, and violence against women. At the HWL, she has contributed to gender-sensitive research projects, policy analyses on the status of gender equality in Hungary and capacity building activities. She also participated in HWL’s alternative reports to the CEDAW Committee on the issue of women in political decision-making, and co-authored HWL’s policy recommendations on Hungarian women’s political representation, the state gender equality institutional machinery and women’s representation in the media.

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