Rahul Pallan

Policy Advocate , Young Diplomats of Canada

About Rahul Pallan

Rahul is a policy advocate, helping amplify young voices and ideas across several international forums and institutions. He represents Canada to the G7 as a Y7 delegate for the 2020 US and 2021 UK presidencies. His participation on panels at the Civil Society 20, Unite 2030, and Youth 7 summits are an extension of his engagement at the highest levels of youth diplomacy. From 2016-2018 he served the OECD as assistant for outreach to Canada and support staff on the OECD Secretary-General's official engagements. During his time at the OECD, he had the opportunity to engage diplomats and policymakers from around the world, on delegations to the United Nations, World Bank, IMF, and G20, among other leading forums and institutions. His experience has also allowed him to engage parliamentarians in his efforts to promote inclusive youth issues in Canada's Parliament and on Capitol Hill in the United States. He understands the importance of inviting stakeholders across several policy areas to the table, to create a sustainable and inclusive road map for the future and is committed to helping pave the way for young leaders in multilateral spaces. From 2018-2020, he worked for 'University of Calgary International', supporting the Office of the Vice Provost International. Rahul is a master's candidate in International Affairs and Global Cyber Security at King's College London. He earned his BA in International Relations and Political Economy from the University of Calgary in 2016.

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