Prof. dr. V. Venugopal

Professor of Supply Chain Operations, Nyenrode Business Universiteit

About Prof. dr. V. Venugopal

Venugopal is a Professor of Supply Chain Operations at Nyenrode Business Universiteit. His teaching and research activities are focused on Supply Chain Management, Value Chain Management, Operations Management, and Modelling Business Decisions. 

He has held visiting faculty positions in other countries such as India and China. His research has been widely published in International academic journals such as the European Journal of Operations Research, International Journal of Production Research, and Decision Support Systems. He has received the ‘Professor of the Year Award’ for Teaching Excellence in different degree programs. He has also received the ‘MCB Award for Research Excellence’.

He is a member of the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council, an opt-in research community of business professionals. Also, he is a member of the Editorial Board of the IIMB Management Review, the International Journal of Procurement Management, and the International Journal of Mathematics in Operational Research. He also serves as a referee for several International Journals.






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