Paula Rochon & Surbhi Kalia and Paul Higgs

Founding Director, Women’s Age Lab & Strategy Lead, Women’s Age Lab; Professor of the Sociology of Ageing, Women’s College Hospital & University College London

About Paula Rochon & Surbhi Kalia and Paul Higgs

Paula Rochon is a geriatrician, senior scientist, and Founding Director of Women’s Age Lab at Women’s College Hospital. She is a professor and inaugural RTOERO Chair in Geriatric Medicine at the University of Toronto. She obtained her MD from McMaster and MPH from Harvard.  Dr. Rochon’s research focuses on the unique needs of older women, and promotes their health and wellness. She has contributed to our understanding of aging, equity, and its impact on patients and the healthcare system, highlighting the need to consider sex, gender and age in research so results are more relevant to older women and men.

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Surbhi Kalia is the Strategy Lead of Women’s Age Lab – a centre focused on improving the health and wellbeing of older women, which is affiliated with the Women’s College Hospital. Surbhi engages in change initiatives in research, public policy, and advocacy in healthcare. Surbhi has received both her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science in Public Policy from the University of Toronto and the University of London respectively.

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Paul Higgs is Professor of the Sociology of Ageing in the Division of Psychiatry at University College London. Dr Higgs edits the journal Social Theory and Health.  He is a Fellow of both the UK Academy of Social Sciences and the Gerontological Society of America.

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