Page Motes

Head of Global Sustainability, Dell

About Page Motes

Page Motes is the Head of Global Sustainability, overseeing Dell Technologies’ strategic vision and goals, as well as stakeholder engagement. This role, and the work of her team, includes deep collaboration with internal business groups to advance sustainability programs with long-term value. Additionally, the team engages in third-party partnerships to accelerate initiatives and position the company as a thought leader, as well as foster innovation and engagement within Dell Technologies’ global enterprise. Although specific sustainability programs within her purview span across the themes of advancing the circular economy, climate change, and social responsibility, Page is a member of the ESG Executive Steering Committee which guides the company’s broader ESG ambitions.

Prior to this role, Page spent 10 years as Sr. Managing Director, Global Ethics & Compliance, overseeing and managing Dell Technologies’ ethics strategy and proactive culture of integrity initiatives, including the Code of Conduct, compliance and ethics-related awareness programs and key operational processes for the company. Both roles have been complimented by an additional 15 years in sales and consulting, much within the ethics, compliance, risk and governance space. 

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