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Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company

About Olivia White

Olivia White is a director of the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) and a member of the firm’s Risk & Resilience, Financial Services, and Social Sector Practices. Olivia advises leading financial institutions and other global firms on a wide range of issues across strategy, growth, and risk and resilience. She supports institutions to meet strategic objectives while ensuring resilience and maintaining strategically-informed enterprise risk management. She draws on expertise across scenario analysis, advanced analytics and model risk, effectiveness and efficiency, organization and talent, culture, and other areas. Olivia’s research spans a range of global trends, including topics related to resilience, global flows and value chains, financial markets, technology and innovation, and inclusive growth. For example, she has led major recent efforts on open data for finance, digital financial infrastructure, and digital ID. She has also worked extensively on financial and digital inclusion in both developed and emerging markets.

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Over the past 40 years, our world has become ever more interconnected. But recent turbulent events has prompted speculation that we are deglobalising. There are no simple solutions, but what are the starting points to reimagine our global connections instead of retreating from them? Banner: MGI

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