Neil David Field-Williams (He/Him)

Head of Art and Design, author, Founder of internationalartsspace and internationalcreativeyouthforum,Art Broker, 4.Diversity, ArtsSpace, Samuel Ward Academy, Unity Schools Partnership.

About Neil David Field-Williams

Neil is a visionary creative facilitator and educator of the arts, dedicated to the promotion of contextual, democratic and self-efficacy learning. He is best known for providing inspiring teaching and learning curriculums, physical environments, CPD programs and community projects across the UK. Neil works predominantly in secondary and post sixteen education in the East of England and is the head of Art at the Samuel Ward Academy. He is a cultural arts leader and broker for the Bridge organisation. Neil has lectured across the United Kingdom working predominantly with, IRIS Connect, Whole Education Network and Festival Bridge. He has published research papers on building metacognitive and self- regulated education curriculums, and has many commissioned public art works across the UK.

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The New Kids on the Block: Youth Creativity Community of Practice, a recently formed collective platform for youth creatives with voices to share

Creative voices have become an increasingly influential factor in the development and progression of our societies, promoting new skills that build economic prosperity while also promoting social well-being. More than ever, new educational practices are prioritising creative and innovative skills.


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