Mojca Arh

Project Co-ordinator, Youth Transition Project

About Mojca Arh

Mrs. Mojca Arh, M.A. in Psychology (member of Psi Chi, National Honor Society in Psychology, Cleveland State University Chapter), worked during 2019 – 2022 as part of a team coordinating the Slovenian national pilot project “The Development and Implementation of the Transition of Young People with Special Needs to the Labour Market” – The Youth Transiton Project, whose aim was to bridge the gap between an efficient school system and employment services. In addition, she is working as a psychologist in the field of vocational rehabilitation. Her career includes vast experience in teaching, entrepreneurship, management, and participation in various projects focusing on the unemployed, immigrants and people with special needs as well as on the development of human resources at the local and regional level.

Stakeholder Group

NGO/Civil Society