Miles Larbey

Head, Financial Consumer Protection Unit, OECD

About Miles Larbey

Miles Larbey is Head of the Financial Consumer Protection Unit at the OECD. In this role, he is responsible for the OECD’s work on financial consumer protection policy and supporting the G20/OECD Task Force on Financial Consumer Protection and FinCoNet. Areas of focus include the impact of digitalisation, sustainable finance, financial inclusion and resilience, consumer vulnerability and the impact of economic conditions. Miles has over 20 years experience in consumer protection policy and practice, including positions as Senior Executive Leader for Financial Capability at the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, and General Manager of the Investor Education Centre in Hong Kong, China.

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Financial consumer protection matters to everyone. Whether shopping online, taking out a loan or insuring a home or car, laws, regulations and other measures exist to ensure consumers are treated fairly and to protect them from harm. And in the current challenging economic conditions, they have never been more important. Banner: Shutterstock/Mohammad Iqbal Tangkas

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