Matthew Soursourian & Rachel Karen

Policy Analyst & Former Intern, Financial Consumer Protection Unit, OECD

About Matthew Soursourian & Rachel Karen

Matthew Soursourian has worked in the OECD’s Financial Consumer Protection Unit since 2020. Prior to joining the OECD, he worked for CGAP at the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation, the New York City Department of Consumer and Worker Protection, and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. Matthew holds a Master of Public Affairs from the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs and a Bachelor of Arts from Brown University.

Rachel Karen is a doctoral candidate in Sociology at the University of Texas in Austin. Her dissertation investigates the effects of private financial transfers on subsequent income and wealth accumulation in the United States. Rachel interned in the OECD’s Financial Consumer Protection Unit in 2021 and 2022. She has a Master of Arts in Sociology from the University of Texas and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brown University.

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