Carlos Avila

Chief of Innovation and Foresight, Chilean Foundation for Logistics Efficiency - Fundación Conecta Logística

Currently Head of the Innovation and Foresight Area at the Chilean Foundation for Logistics Efficiency - Conecta Logística. Industrial Civil Engineer, with a diploma in Environmental Engineering, a Master's Degree in Engineering Sciences and a Degree in Natural Sciences and Mathematics from UC Chile. I served as Future Advisor to the Cabinet of the Minister of Science,Technology, Knowledge and Innovation of the Government of Chile and Coordinator of the National Artificial Intelligence (AI) Policy.
B. Yerram Raju

Director, Telangana Industrial Health Clinic Ltd

 Bio brief

Prime interests: Agriculture, SMEs, Banking and Finance, Corporate Governance, Environment and Social Development 

Academic and Professional Career:

YERRAM RAJU B is a PhD (1984) in Commerce and Management Studies from Andhra University and a Post-graduate in Economics (1962) from Sri Venkateshwara University. After a couple of years of corporate experience in textile industry, he joined the State Bank of India as a Probationary Officer (1966) where he took retirement in 1994 as Assistant General Manager. He joined Administrative Staff College of India (1994) where he retired in 2001 as Dean of Studies. He went on deputation to the LBS National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie during 1990,1991, as Professor and Head, Economics Department. He was Head of Institute of Public Enterprise, 1999 on deputation from ASCI and was also the Director, Indian Institute of Economics, and Editor, Asian Economic Review in 2005-06. He was Regional Director, Professional Risk Managers’ International Association, Wilmington (De), Hyderabad Chapter from 2006-13.

Dr. Raju was short term consultant on Agriculture, SME sector, Governance and Risk Management with several state governments and Union Government, UNIDO, and World Bank during the last twenty years. He is Founder-Director, Telangana Industrial Health Clinic ltd (2017- till now).

Author: He is author of fifteen books, of which, four are on small enterprises, over 2000 articles in popular financial dailies, and twenty-five research papers. He was International Man of the Year from International Biographical Centre, Cambridge,1991-92 and won the Teacher of Teachers’ Award, 2008. 'Roots to Fruits - The Journey of a Development Banker' was his last book. 

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