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Member of the Norwegian Parliament, representing the Labour Party. Elected in 2021 from Finnmark, Norway’s northernmost constituency. Chair of the Standing Committee on Energy and the Environment since March 2022.

Mayor of Hammerfest municipality from 2019-2021, deputy mayor from 2011-2019. Teacher and later principal at Hammerfest Upper Secondary School. Experience from the specialist health services and from housing policy in the Norwegian State Housing Bank.

Master’s degree in special education and adapted training, in addition to courses in educational leadership and project management.

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Replying to Mark Langdon

Hi thanks for this interesting article. I am interested to know to what extent learning out with schools for example youth work, adult learning etc is supported in Norway. Also to whether you people are encouraged to engage with the concepts of degrowth and post capitalism?

many thanks

Dear Mark! Thank you for an interesting question to my article, “The future of education in a changing society”. 

The Norwegian Government are currently investing substantial measures in vocational training and adult learning programmes. As a part of this, there will be allotted resources to i.e. programmes for achieving certificates of apprenticeship through work experience and adult learning courses. 

The Norwegian Government implemented a new model for certificates of apprenticeship in 2018, with the full support of the Norwegian parliament. With this programme one can achieve a certificate of apprenticeship after one year of full time practical work experience. The candidate receives training and counselling throughout the practice period. 

Lifelong learning is an important principle of Norwegian education policy. The right to free education for adults up to and including upper secondary is guaranteed by law. Adults who need primary and lower secondary education have a statutory right to such education. Adults also have a statutory right to upper secondary education. If you are interested to learn more about adult learning in Norway, you can find an article on the Government’s webpage here: