Maria Concetta Cefalu' ( called MARIKA )

public communicator, editor, expert in gender policies, human rights, international cooperation, international and european taxation, trade union relations -, NEWSPAPER ON LINE : BRANCACCIO E CULTURA - PALERMO - SICILIA
  • Italy

About Maria Concetta Cefalu' ( called MARIKA )

Since 2019 she has been a member of the Scientific Committee of the General  States of Women and Head of International Relations and relations with the European Union .  She has a degree in International Relations, specializing in European Studies, and a Masters in Criminological Sciences and Fight against Corruption. She is  expert in European planning, gender policies, bullying, female empowerment stalking, violence against women, domestic violence, anti-discrimination law. Tutor and  Lecturer on health and safety in the workplace, she was Official Media Partner of EU-OSHA - The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work - Agency of the European Union based in Bilbao for the two-year period: 2016/2017 ; 2018/2019. Director of the Observatory on Health and Safety in the workplace at INAIL in Palermo until 31 December 2019. Head of International Relations with the European Union and management of Public Relations with the European Court of Justice and the EU institutions for UNIS Association des Ivoiriens en Sicile until 30/04/2018. Member of the Council of the MUNICIPALITY of PALERMO for Peace, human rights, non-violence and disarmament until October 2018. Independent expert of the European Commission since 2013. For 28 years she is a civil servant  of the Italian Revenue Agency, an expert in national, international and EU tax law, a scholar of international conventions against double taxation, European and comparative tax systems, contrasting national and international tax evasion and avoidance. administrative cooperation. She was a member of the Single Immigration Desk of Palermo, with the task of taking care of the formalities required at the counter for the regularization of foreign workers, at the Prefecture of Palermo. SHe  has participated in the exchange program of Officials between European tax administrations of the Directorate General for Taxation and Customs Union of the European Commission, FISCALIS established with DECISION No. 1482/2007 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, at the French Ministry of Finance , Direction des Services Fiscaux de l'Haute Savoie Annecy in France. Since 2009 she has  collaborated with the Press Office of the Central Directorate of the italian  Revenue Agency and writes articles on international and EU tax law in the online magazine WWW.FISCOOGGI.IT she section from the world. She has  collaborated and currently collaborate with numerous newspapers including: Il Mattino di Sicilia, Il Giornale di Sicilia, Trinacria, Monreale direct wire, Brancaccio and She has  collaborated with numerous public and private institutions for study and research activities, for national and international project activities: with the President of the Council of Cultures of the Municipality of Palermo, with the President of the C.U.G. Single Guarantee Committee of the Revenue Agency, with the President of the C.U.G. of the Presidency of the Sicilian Region, with the COPPEM Permanent Euro-Mediterranean Partnership Committee for the drafting of the "EURO - Mediterranean Charter of equality between men and women in local life". She has  held numerous positions and participated in international study tables made up of European and non-European countries. As event manager  she has  organized numerous national and international conferences, workshops, study and research days.

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