Manuel Castrillo Durán

Director, Green Road Project Association
  • Costa Rica

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Inevitably, there is a very large barrier for weighty agreements in processes that seek a response not only to climate change, but also to the conditions of well-being and quality of life inherent in a more just, equitable and just society. They are universal paradigms that our nature - and society - will not overcome in the short or medium term, obviously. ¿What is the "torque" necessary to achieve a proper route?

The causes of the present are amply identified, the issue is the change of paradigm - and of attitude of some -, The vision towards a change where billions are rooted by a system imposed and controlled tooth and nail, does not give much room for action to "evolve" towards a more sustainable, harmonious and balanced system, which brings together the environmental, social and economic balance that a future without these schisms holds for us.
The concentration of power and wealth and the models to maintain them, oriented towards a quality of well-being based on "hedonism" and futility, is no small task. So, what we have to convince these actors is that the scenarios to come may also be very difficult for them, and adopting a slower pace of resource use and avoiding a widening of the economic and social gaps will for the benefit of all as a species. Unfortunately, the "mirage" created is very strong and the majorities are still subject to the system in decline and if the "status quo" is maintained, in the next 30 to 50 years, we are headed for a gloomy scenario. A common catalyst and trigger is needed to open our eyes and make us change course quickly. That is the hope!

The uncertainty of the future gives us a space to enhance our decisions and trace the path through what we have learned, our capacity for self-knowledge will lead us towards an expected assumption, but we will never have total certainties ...