Maja Zovko Stele

Project Co-ordinator, Youth Transition Project

About Maja Zovko Stele

Maja Zovko Stele,, has a Master's Degree in Social Pedagogy and also in post-graduate studies in the field of Autism. She started her career specifically in the field of diagnostics and therapy of developmental and learning problems in children and young with special needs. In 2011, she became a member of the team vocational rehabilitation, where she participated in the integrated treatment of users, providing them professional support in integrating into the labour market. In 2018, she became the project Transition of Young People coordinator. She participated in the creation of starting points and analyses related to the transition of young people with disabilities to the labour market, as well as in the design of the presented model. She regularly upgraded her knowledge by participating in numerous educations and conferences in the field of special needs, rehabilitation, employment, and disability care. She also actively explored the area of special needs through the preparation of a wider survey of employers' attitudes toward employing disabled people. She performed several times as a presenting author at various events and conferences, including those with international participation.

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The Youth Transition Project: Bridging the gap between school and the labour market

The transition of young people with special needs from school to the labour market presents a challenge compared to their non-disabled peers. To avoid the risk of long-term unemployment, not only multidisciplinary help but also permanent cross-sector co-operation must be employed. Banner: The Youth Transition Project

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