MacDonald Sembereka & Nathanial Matthews

Ordained Priest and Activist & CEO, Anglican Church & Global Resilience Partnership

About MacDonald Sembereka & Nathanial Matthews

MacDonald Sembereka is an ordained Anglican priest and activist on matters of social justice.  He has served as Executive Director of local and international NGOs both in Malawi and South Africa. His work has included being a parish priest and formerly presidential advisor of NGOs and Civil Society. He holds qualifications in the fields of theology and social sciences. He is passionate about the sustainable development.

Nathanial Matthews is Chief Executive Officer at the Global Resilience Partnership, a group of over 65 organisations joining forces to surface and scale innovation, share knowledge, influence policy and advance thinking on resilience. He has experience managing, surfacing and scaling hundreds of resilience and adaptation projects and programs in partnership with governments, NGOs and the private sector across more than 30 countries. He holds a PhD in Geography, regularly publishes and previously worked in leadership roles with the CGIAR, UNEP, the International WaterCentre, NGOs and in the private sector.

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