Lamia Kamal-Chaoui & Paul Schreyer

Director, Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions & Cities (CFE); Chief Statistician, Director, Statistics and Data Directorate, OECD
Hyejin LEE

Director of BYICAA CSR Research Center , BYICAA CSR Research Center at Beijing Youth International Culture and Arts Association

Director of  BYICAA CSR Research Center Beijing Youth International Culture and Arts Association(BYICAA)  北京青年国际文化艺术协会(北京青年会): Beijing Youth International Culture and Arts Association is a legal association cooperation who is dedicated to promoting international arts and culture exchange, identifying value of arts and culture in different nations, innovating and experiencing contemporary arts and culture.   BYICAA is also a public platform, which is to provide efficient communication and exploration opportunities for the public. It is also to provide service to Chinese domestic Non-Government Groups, in particular to those who have creative and practical abilities. It is, thus, aiming to help to further the growth of an NGO community in China.   The purpose of founding BYICAA is using an artistic approach to actively involving and promoting the growth of civic society during the process of social reform and development.   Our philosophy is:Experiencing, Understanding, Communicating and Innovating   BYICAA CSR Research Center (北京青年国际文化艺术协会 CSR 研究中心): BYICAA CSR Research Center is an independent research institution of Beijing Youth International Culture and Arts Association. It is committed to the CSR investigation and tracking of creative culture industry.   BYICAA CSR Research Center will provide consultation and training for Chinese mainland's "Data Sedimentation" and "Data Value" promotion for Overseas Creative SMEs entering the China market.

DIRECTEUR, Inspection du travail

Karim. Zarrouki

Analyst, Agriculture Canada

Kingsley Ochei