Kryssandra Heslop

Co-Founder & Director, Soul Food Paris

About Kryssandra Heslop

Kryssandra is the Co-Founder and Director of Soul Food, a nonprofit that creates positive integration experiences for unaccompanied minors, child refugees and young migrants, through artistic and cultural initiatives, such as cultural excursions, and through the Soul Food Professional Development Program. For the past 10 years, she has been researching and writing about issues faced by unaccompanied minors in Italy, France and the U.S. She also volunteers with ADJIE, a collective of French nonprofits, that helps unaccompanied minors navigate the French administration system to benefit from their rights as minors in France. Previously Kryssandra focused her research and work on children with disabilities. She has worked and volunteered with children and young people in France, Italy, Panamá, and the U.S.

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NGO/Civil Society


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Inclusive Growth