Juan Yermo

Chief of Staff to the Secretary-General, OECD

About Juan Yermo

Mr. Juan Yermo took up his functions as Chief of Staff to the Secretary-General of the OECD on 1st July 2020. In this capacity, Mr Yermo supports the Secretary-General’s strategic leadership and ensures that the Organisation delivers on its mandates. He oversees the functioning of the cabinet, which includes the team of advisors, two horizontal policy units (New Approaches to Economic Challenges (NAEC) and Strategic Foresight), and the Sherpa Office. He also steers a whole-of-Organisation initiative to provide targeted policy advice and reform support to countries, leads efforts to strengthen strategic partnerships with other international organisations and foundations. He also coordinates the Organisation’s Voluntary Contributions (VC) focal point. Mr Yermo supports Deputy Secretary-General Jeffrey Schlagenhauf in overseeing the OECD Action Plan on the SDGs and the Strategic Approach to Anti-Corruption and Integrity. He also co-chairs the OECD’s Friends of Gender Equality +, and is a member of the Directors’ Group steering the recently established Centre on Well-Being, Inequalities, Sustainability and Equal Opportunities (WISE).

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