Jordan Masys

Co-founder & COO, Labfront
  • Labfront
  • United States of America
Giulia Buson

Marketing & Partnerships Coordinator, OECD

Eric Anvar

Head of Smart Data Practices and Solutions, OECD

Christine Clement

Partners and Fundraising Manger, OECD

Christel Beltran

Partner Executive, IBM

Brian Jabarian

PhD Candidate and Research Collaborator , Panthéon-Sorbonne & Princeton University


Senior Director- EMEA Communication & Public Affairs-Health Policy Center at Janssen EMEA, Janssen-Cilag

Barnaby Lewis

Digital communication Specialist, ISO - The International Organization for Standardization

April Kathleen Ward

OECD Forum Intern, OECD

Anu Madgavkar

Partner, McKinsey Global Institute

As a partner of MGI, McKinsey’s business and economics research arm, Anu leads research focused on global labor markets and skills; gender economics; migration; inclusive growth; and applying technology to solving development challenges including financial inclusiveness. She also leads research efforts focused on India’s economic future. Anu has co-authored MGI reports including “The future of work after COVID-19”; “The future of women at work; “The power of parity”; “The social contract in the 21st century”; “Digital identification: A key to inclusive growth”; “People on the move: Global migration's impact and opportunity”; and “Digital India: Technology to transform a connected nation”. Previously, Anu was a partner of McKinsey based in Mumbai, where she co-led McKinsey’s Financial Institutions practice in India. She has authored several reports and white papers on India’s economic growth and financial sector development.

Anna Visvizi

Head of Research, Institute of East-Central Europe (IESW)

A political scientist and economist, editor and research consultant with extensive experience in academia and the think-tank sector in Europe and the US. Dr. Visvizi presented her work in many forums across Europe and the US, including Capitol Hill. A practiced team-worker, researcher, analyst and lecturer, Dr. Visvizi’s expertise spans the following interrelated areas of research: political economy; migration; smart cities; innovation, competitiveness and policy-making; with the geographical focus defined by the EU, China, the Arab World.
Angela Paulk

Director, Deutsche Bank

Abra Marie Walsh, PhD

Founder, Mission 2030: training local governments for the New Urban Agenda

Elna Rosin

OECD Forum Intern, OECD

Anne-Lise Prigent

Managing Editor, French Content, OECD

Amanda Sayan

Director of Partnerships, University of Sydney

Angela M Paulk

Consultant , DGA ltd / Columbia University

Seasoned financial services generalist with global perspective honed over a career focused on developing big picture context, building relationships, and facilitating consensus from grassroots/start-up level to multi-national corporate board level. Range of functional experience includes equity research & macro advisory (Citi), strategy consulting & business intelligence (startups acquired by BCG and S&P), governance and regulatory-driven transformational change (Deutsche Bank), as well as multilateral and civil society engagements. Long-term focus on sustainability and history of broader stakeholder management including externally to regulators, media & institutional investors.

Axel Baeumler

Economist , World Bank

John C. Havens

Executive Director, The IEEE Global AI Ethics Initiative

Andreia Gazola

Digital Marketing Intern, OECD

Julia Zhou

Managing Director, Digital Economy Forum