Ilaria Capua

Director, One Health Center of Excellence

About Ilaria Capua

Ilaria Capua is full professor and Director of the One Health Center of Excellence at the University of Florida. Veterinarian by training and a virologist by passion, she has also been a Member of the Italian Parliament (2013-2016). She is the author of both scholarly and non-scholarly books, articles, and op-eds.

As a virologist, she focused on viral infections of animals that can be transmitted to humans, and that cause poverty and food security issues. In 2006, she ignited an international debate on the sharing of virus genetic sequences to improve pandemic preparedness. This led to a paradigm shift in pandemic preparedness strategies and to the adoption of real-time sharing of genetic data to the fight against Ebola, Zika, COVID 19 and other epidemic disease threats.

Ilaria Capua received many awards in her career including the Scientific American 50 Award for leadership in science policy, Seed’s Revolutionary Minds series, Penn Vet World Leadership in Animal Health Award, Gordon Memorial Medal, and ESCMID Excellence Award for Clinical Microbiology and Infectious diseases.

She developed the vision of Circular Health which is a natural expansion of the One Health concept.

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