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Jul 28, 2020
Replying to Jacques Drolet

Dear Ngaire,

Thank you for your article. Just a small note...  A few of your key phrases "Governments must make the case to their citizens that security at home requires co-operation abroad" and "All governments could do better by balancing autonomy and agility at the local level with national level co-ordination." will deliver in relation with the people they represent. The degree of world citizenship or cross-culturality is the foundation, the material with which societies evolve. The problem is that these cross-cultural abilities have not been taught in many societies and we are definitely not born with them. We may be born "open to diversity" but several cultures teach that monoculture is the only way to survive. If we do not consciously change this monoculturalisation than we can only hope for your worst scenario. I, for one, work to train anyone who wants to shape a more humane society. This is so to speak our legacy.

Kind regards,



Dear Jacques, you are completely right when yo said "our legacy". Sure, we need to work about our legacy, giving the best to future generations based on our own experience and knowledgement

Jul 28, 2020

Nowadays governments have all communication tools to develop fast meetings around the most important issues. But at the same time we are facing a lot of points of view going to different goals delaying any agreement. So, I hope all governments can work under co-operation rules, talking about post pandemic strategies

Jul 21, 2020

In fact young people get the bad part of the pandemic, but I hope all of them will be taking advantage of this situation, learning the lesson and developing the best new normality

Jul 18, 2020

From my point of view, young people have the best oppotunity to improve the world with a lot of creativity and the best use of new technologies. On the other hand, people aged over 50 or more years, must give to young people total support based on thgeir own experience and knowledgement