Hannah Quinz & Jörg Flecker

Assistant and Sociology Doctoral Candidate & Full Professor, Sociology, University of Vienna

About Hannah Quinz & Jörg Flecker

Hannah Quinz is a university assistant and doctoral candidate in sociology at the University of Vienna, Austria. Currently she also works as a national correspondent for Eurofound and she has worked as a research assistant at the Austrian Chamber of Labor. Her research areas include labour market, labour market policies, social inequality, and wealth inequality.

Jörg Flecker is a full professor of sociology at the University of Vienna, Austria, since 2013. Before he was the scientific director of the Working Life Research Center (FORBA) in Vienna, Austria. He actively participates in the networks of the International Labour Process Conference and the International Working Party of Labour Market Segmentation. His research areas include labour market, work organization, digitalization and youth life course.

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