Hajar Yagkoubi

Former UN Youth Representative; Co-Founder, 2100, Impact Economy Foundation

About Hajar Yagkoubi

Hajar Yagkoubi is a former UN Youth Representative for the Netherlands. During her mandate as a Youth Delegate Hajar gathered input from young people on topics such as the climate crisis, the Sustainable Development Goals, Human Rights and Security. That input was presented through speeches that Hajar gave at the UN. During the General Assembly, High-Level Political Forum, UN Climate Action Summit but also in conversation with (prime)-ministers, legislators and politicians. Currently, she works on enhancing youth participation, climate action and human rights work as a public speaker, advocate and consultant.

As part of Network 2100 Hajar also advocates for the inclusion of young people in (supervisory) boards of corporations. She is a bridge between the corporate world and her activistic-generation and advocates for ways in which firms can embody sustainability, climate action and a broad definition of prosperity. She studies International Business at the university, which adds to her knowledge of both businesses and the transition with regards to ESG that current-day issues require. 

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