Gaia Vince

Author, Nomad Century: How Climate Migration Will Reshape Our World

About Gaia Vince

Hello, I’m Gaia Vince. I am an award-winning science journalist, author, broadcaster and speaker. I am particularly interested in how human systems and Earth’s planetary systems interact, and I have travelled the world extensively to research it. I write books and articles, including for the BBC, The Guardian, New Scientist, Australian Geographic, Science. I make and present science documentaries for radio and television, and I give talks around the world. Previously, I have held senior editorial positions at the science journal Nature, Nature Climate Change, and New Scientist magazine. I am also an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at UCL’s Anthropocene Institute. This is a unique time in Earth’s history, in which climate change, globalisation, communications technology and increasing human population are changing our world – and us – as never before. I am documenting these changes, talking to ordinary people, scientists and heads of state as we enter into the Anthropocene.

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