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About Francisco Banha

My name is Francisco Banha and I am the founder, chairman and CEO of Gesbanha, a group that deals with business governance, business ventures, and entrepreneurship education, in Portugal. In addition, I have been deeply involved in the business angel movement in the country and I am very keen on discussing all topics related to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship education, innovation, and other issues related to economic growth. I have a PhD in Economics and Management Sciences and have explored issues related to how society, governments and decision-makers around the world can help today’s youths tackle pressing challenges more responsibly and become better citizens through the values of entrepreneurship. I look forward to engaging with people in this forum.

Among my published works, I believe that the following papers will stimulate your attention. The results of this systematic literature review, underpinned by an algorithm-based methodology, are surprising. They are another manifestation of the lack of attention that this issue has had. Indeed, it became evident that most studies focus almost exclusively on the contents, methodologies and impact of EE programmes. They are silent about processes linked to decision and implementation, a situation which thus begs answers to the main question: how come that EE is not yet widespread across compulsory education? Perhaps this helps us put things in perspective and better understand why is it that, despite so many official documents from supranational institutions and local governments, Entrepreneurship Education struggles so much when it comes to its actual implementation. In the article concerning the NUTSIII you can find some concrete suggestions. The third paper concerns a new framework and approach to decision making and public policy. 

Entrepreneurship Education: A Systematic Literature Review and Identification of an Existing Gap in the Field

NUTS III as Decision-Making Vehicles for Diffusion and Implementation of Education for Entrepreneurship Programmes in the European Union: Some Lessons from the Portuguese Case

A New Conceptual Framework and Approach to Decision Making in Public Policy

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