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Policy Manager, Lancet Countdown

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Dr Frances MacGuire’s career on climate change climate spans over three decades in research, policy, education and advocacy in academia, international NGOs and the NHS. Trained in the life sciences and public health, Frances has worked at the interface between science and policy making in climate change, air pollution and biodiversity protection taking a risk management perspective. Frances has led teams of climate advocates working within the UN climate negotiations and national teams in the UK, Australia, and the Pacific Island region. She has a strong interest in south/north collaboration, capacity building and health and social equity. In her current role as Policy Manager within the Lancet Countdown, Frances also chairs a WHO/Unicef/Lancet Working Group on children and climate change advocacy, as part of the global CAP2030 initiative.

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Climate Action for Health: COP27 delivers on reparation but not mitigation

The historic agreement on a loss and damage finance facility at COP27 in Egypt represented a milestone breakthrough—but it is clear that further, faster climate action for health is needed. What is needed now is a global response prioritising health and well-being to tackle the climate emergency and delivering the immediate health benefits. Banner: Shutterstock/Alexandros Michailidis

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