Fatma Ahmed Ibrahim Attaalla

EFL teacher & TOT, Al Azhar
  • Egypt
Alison Lands

Director, Strategy, SkyHive Technologies

Alison Lands is a Director of Strategy at SkyHive Technologies, a global innovator in workforce analytics that combines real-time labor market data with artificial intelligence to provide actionable insight into today’s skills landscape and forecast emerging trends in the future of work.

In her role, she partners with stakeholders across the workforce ecosystem to develop strategies for skills resilience and economic mobility, including Fortune 500 employers, higher ed institutions, national, state and local governments, as well as NGOs and philanthropic organizations.

With over 20 years of experience in workforce and economic development, Alison has held senior leadership roles at Coursera, Deloitte, BCG, the New York State Economic Development Council, and the City of San Antonio (Texas), where she launched the Alamo Academies, a nationally recognized apprenticeship program providing high school students with tuition-free pathways into STEM roles in aerospace, information technology, life sciences, and advanced manufacturing.

Alison is a Certified Economic Developer and member of IEDC, where she stays continually engaged on policy and advocacy issues impacting the global workforce. A self-described “skills evangelist,” she has dedicated her career to championing inclusive investments in people that improve individual livelihoods, strengthen regional economies, and support collective prosperity. 

Mark Pearson

Deputy Director of Employment, Labour and Social Affairs, OECD

Mark Pearson is Deputy Director of Employment, Labour and Social Affairs at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Prior to 2014, he was Head of the Health Division where he helped countries to improve their health systems by providing internationally comparable data, state-of-the-art analysis and appropriate policy recommendations on a wide range of health policies. Major current work of the Division is on the economics of preventing obesity; comparisons of the prices of health care goods and services; assessing long-term care policies; trends in health spending; expanding health coverage; co-ordination of care; pay-for-performance; use of evidence in health care; the migration of the health-care workforce; health care quality indicators; measuring health care outcomes, outputs and inputs; and health and ICTs. Key publications resulting from the work he has managed include OECD Health at a Glance and Achieving Better Value for Money in Health Care, as well as The Economics of Prevention: Fit not Fat. Before moving to Paris, he was employed by the Institute for Fiscal Studies in London, and he has been a consultant for the World Bank, the IMF and the European Commission.
Vincent F. Hendricks

Professor of Formal Philosophy; Director of Center for Information and Bubble Studies, University of Copenhagen

Vincent F. Hendricks is Professor of Formal Philosophy at The University of Copenhagen. He is Director of the Center for Information and Bubble Studies (CIBS) funded by the Carlsberg Foundation. Hendricks is the author of multiple books on logic, methodology, formal epistemology, attention economics, information theory and bubble studies and has been was awarded a number of prizes for his research among them The Elite Research Prize by the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, The Roskilde Festival Elite Research Prize, Choice Magazine Outstanding Academic Title Award and The Rosenkjær Prize. He was Editor-in-Chief of Synthese: An International Journal for Epistemology, Methodology and Philosophy of Science between 2005-2015. 

Kieran Jones

Forum Network Community Manager and Forum Programme Officer, OECD

Tatiana S Rowson PhD

Associate Professor, Henley Business School, University of Reading

Dr Tatiana Schifferle Rowson is a Social Gerontologist & Psychologist and an Associate Professor at Henley Business School, University of Reading, UK. Tatiana is responsible for the personal leadership development of students in the Henley MBA and Undergraduate programmes. Her research focuses on ageing and work, retirement and multigenerational workplaces. She is particularly interested in how midlife transitions impact health and well-being, work participation and retirement patterns, and how individuals respond to changing circumstances at identity and behavioural levels. Before joining academia, Tatiana worked as an organisational psychology consultant and executive coach to several high-profile national and international, public and private sector organisations in the UK, Brazil and the United Arab Emirates, operating in various sectors, including banking and finance, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, media, energy and manufacturing. 

Martino Kuntze

Data Analyst, Blue Eco Line

My name is Martino Kuntze, I have been in love with the Ocean since a very young age and the memory of learning how to swim is one of the most vivid and precious memory I have. Being around the ocean gives me joy and I try to go swimming in salt water every day. Whenever possible, I also try connect to the ocean through some of my main passions, which are sailing, surfing, scuba-diving and photography.

I am an economist by training and I am passionate about empirical research and data analysis. I have been able to combine this interest with my love for the ocean by joining “Blue Eco Line”, an lively Italian start-up which is developing technical solutions to monitor and intercept riverine litter in order to tackle the problem of marine pollution at its roots. My dream is to contribute with my interdisciplinary competences and with my strong passion to raise public awareness, and to preserve and restore the ocean’s health and liveliness. In doing so I hope to return to the ocean – at least in small part- some of the joy I receive from it.

Timothy Kotin

CEO, Co-Founder, Superfluid Labs

Harvard, MIT and Cambridge-trained Computer Scientist and Engineer. Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) expert, Business Strategy consultant, Digital Financial Services (DFS) innovator and entrepreneur with over 12+ years experience. Built technology systems and launched new businesses impacting over 50 million people. Regularly consult for clients and entrepreneurs across the US, Africa and Europe. Received several international awards for business and technical expertise.