Erasmo Sánchez Herrera

Director, Global Division, National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC)

About Erasmo Sánchez Herrera

Multicultural professional with several years of experience in the design, implementation, and management of international initiatives aimed to empower diverse groups worldwide. He is an expert at creating strategic partnerships and securing collaborations efforts across sectors. As Director of NGLCC Global Division, Erasmo works with LGBT chambers of commerce worldwide to share best practices, lessons learned, and create engagement opportunities with stakeholders from the international corporate and public sector, and multilateral organizations to advance supplier diversity initiatives, create awareness for diversity and inclusion (D&I) matters, and support the growth of LGBTI-owned small and medium enterprises (SME’s).

Erasmo has also conducted qualitative research work at the Brookings Institution, one of the world's leading Think Tanks, where his portfolio focused on analyzing illegal economic activities, sociopolitical challenges, energy, and security matters throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, Middle East, East Africa, and South East Asia. 

Erasmo holds a Master of Science in Business and Financial Economics from the University of Greenwich in London where he resided for a few years. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. He is originally from Lima, Peru and is fluent in English and Spanish.

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Hi Anthony,

Last year' sessions regarding the future of education, IT sector developments and challenges, and women's empowerment were outstanding. The one thing I would love to see and hear more of in this year's forum is how will innovation and entrepreneurship impact education in developing regions and how can arts and culture can help overcome sociopolitical differences. It would also be very relevant to host breakout/networking sessions among civil society leaders/organizations, the private and government sector in an effort to really find simple and feasible ways in which we can all really work together in order to generate small yet meaningful changes.




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