Elizabeth Villagomez (She/Her)

International Consultant and Researcher, VEV Consulting and Research
Emmanuel Katto

Writing, Freelance

Myslef Emmanuel Katto, I pursue journalism to aware the people of Uganda with their surrounding through my writing skill. I also write for online blogs about the Uganda's history and other aspects.
Ernesto Bonilla Sequeira

Assistan Planning Manager, Municipalidad de Carrillo

Deo Walusimbi

Chief Executive Officer, LIDE Infinite Skills Africa (LIDEISA)

huang jean

salesr, Taiwan house

Sastha Krishna

Sastha Charity, Sastha Company

Please, contact me via email: sastha_krishna@rediffmail.com
samia benmoussa

project manager, CNTPP

adams david

Marketing, Forward Digital Consultancy

Digital marketing has become a crucial component of any organisation in the modern, digitally connected world. It is a technique for connecting with potential clients and engaging them with insightful material. The core of digital marketing is the use of online platforms including search engines, social media, email, websites, and mobile applications to promote goods and services. Businesses can use it to cost-effectively reach out to their target market and track their progress in real time. Digital marketing is now a crucial part of every marketing plan due to the widespread use of the internet and mobile devices. Over 50% of digital ads in the US and Canada are online, and social media marketing in the US is worth $38 billion.
Ravindra Ngo

Founder & CEO, The Asian Network

Founder & CEO of The Asian Network a community mainly composed of 550+ members across 25 asian countries including Government Officials,C-Level positions, High Net worth Individuals, Entrepreneurs, Academics,and Ivy League Alumni & Young Leaders. In February 2020, Ravindra was selected by the World Economic Forum in their “ASEAN Expert” Network. He is also a columnist for the World Economic Forum.
Jenny Astor

Web Developer, Unified Infotech

I am a tech geek and have worked in a web development company in New York for 8 years, specializing in Laravel, Python, ReactJS, HTML5, and other technology stacks. Being keenly enthusiastic about the latest advancements in this domain, I love to share my expertise and knowledge with readers.
Meti Leta Gonfa

Analyst, private bank

Sherian pietsch

Military, us militar


학생, 대경대학교

간호,SGDs,정부,코로나19 바이러스, NGO등이 나타나게 할 수 있는 커뮤니티가 있습니다~!^^


Ralph Mercer

Researcher, Salto Mortale

Technology Culturalist, Decentered futurist, Dyslexic, Posthumanist; Exploring the Futures using Causal Layered Analysis at the intra-section of humans and technologies.
Arseniy Sinitsyn

Methodist, Moscow Center of Quality of Education

A member of a team of an International Department of Moscow Center of Quality of Education. Our Department Is focusing on both internal and external monitoring of the quality of education, researching and sharing of best world educational practices and projects, presenting Moscow educational projects and innovations to the international partners. 


Syed Ahmed

consultant, Syed consultant

Wilson N David