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I am a specialist in applied economics in the areas of budgeting, evaluations, social policy and labour market issues in over 30 developed and developing countries with over 30 years’ experience in LAC and North America, Africa, CEE, CIS, Middle East, Far East and EU countries. I have been economic adviser for the UN on three occasions concentrating on women´s economic and social rights. Since the end of 2002, as founding partner of Almenara Estudios Económicos y Sociales, S.L., I was senior researcher for various reports for the European Parliament and European Commission; and also an international consultant for various UN agencies. I have been Expert for Spain (2003-2008) in the 'Group of non-governmental experts in the fight against poverty and social exclusion' for the European Commission; EU senior gender expert (2009-2011) in the Network of Socio Economic experts in the Discrimination Field; Member of the Scientific Board of External Evaluators of the GENISLAB project (2012-2015), a project on gender budgeting applied in public universities; Expert for Spain in the European Social Fund evaluation network (2011-2012); Skillsnet expert (expert on labour market statistics and analysis of skills and occupations, CEDEFOP (2008-2010).Since 2015 I have returned to consulting for UN Agencies and for the European Institute for Gender Equality. I have also taken courses on business and human rights and on data science. My main interests are in gender equality, future of work, applied data science and researching the damage of multi level marketing firms to consumers, in particular women.

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New Societal Contract Tackling COVID-19 Gender Equality Sustainable Development Goals

COVID Debt Relief for Gender Equality: Getting real about gender equality in recovery efforts

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Recent Comments

Jun 03, 2023

I really enjoyed reading this. Having worked on older worker issues back in 1990 the world has certainly changed! Being now an older worker myself that has had constant technological updating due to my work, I cannot say the same for people my same age that have not had the chance to do so. I also look at my mother some 23 years older than me and although she also had the chance to update her technological skills due to work I can say that she falls prey more easily to the dangers now present related to technology. Fascinating topic and so much work to do! Thank you

Apr 27, 2023

A new social contract and deeper democracy, in other words, the opposite of what is happening in many countries of the Global South, is needed for all of these ideas to really move forward. It is sad to see how dictatorial and anti democratic decisions are being implemented with no opposition from voters or repressed opposition from some leaders. The lack of information on availalbe social protection or the destruction of programmes (in Mexico for example) shows a lack of knowledge based decision making and misguided austerity measures hurting the most vulnerable.

Apr 04, 2023

Great article, not to speak of the huge limitations it puts on women candidates that also usually have lower access to personal finances 

Jul 07, 2022

Excellent article. Indeed, without the legal reforms and the budgeted policy frameworks little will move in this region.

May 20, 2022

I hugely enjoyed reading this and shared it on FB! this message needs to out more widely! Indeed if we do not make the right adaptations it will mean more conflict and needless deaths of humans and other species. Thank you for this great work and the clarity with which you expose it.

Dec 12, 2021

Thank you for giving us s summary of your work which is both creative and informative. The future cannot be indeed in the hands of the few. The political aspects of AI must be understood by all as well as al the possiblities that it can offer. I admire your work and I am fascinated by  Anatomy of an AI System!!! thank you!!

Nov 17, 2021

My niece becama a great fan of K-pop and now she wants to study in your country. That is, at a personal level, what this support to culture in a country can do. Thanks fo sharing all this very interesting material.

Comment on Summer’s End
Sep 30, 2021

Thank you, wonderful piece


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