Dr. Mr. Mr. Johan Bernhart Pronk

CEO; Med. Doctor (Tropical practice), International Lawyer Environmental Manager, Cross-Africa Irrigation Organization, cq. African EPA i.s.n
  • Cross-Africa Irrigation Organization, cq. African EPA i.s.n
  • +233 263934775
  • Ghana

About Dr. Mr. Mr. Johan Bernhart Pronk

Bio of the founder of Cross-Africa Irrigation Organization, c.q. Pan-African Environmental Protection Agency, Dr. Mr. Mr. Johan Bernhart Pronk, a Dutch medical doctor, emigrated to Ghana in 1999:

Credentials: CEO, Cross-Africa Irrigation Organization, c.q African EPA, i.s.n.; Physician Tropical Medicine (MD); International Lawyer (International Organizations) (LLM); Environmental Manager (MBA);

Work-history: CEO C.A.I.P., c.q African EPA, i.s.n. 6 yrs; S.M.O. Ghanaian Reg. Hospital 13 yrs; Medical civil Doctor Dutch Military Forces, 18 yrs;

Contact: ceo.cross.africa@gmail.com; P.O. Box TD 1415 Takoradi / Sekondi, Ghana;

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