David Nabarro

Special Envoy of the Director-General on COVID-19, World Health Organization

About David Nabarro

David Nabarro is Co-Director of the Institute for Global Health Innovation at Imperial College London and Strategic Director of 4SD Systems Leadership Mentoring, Switzerland. He served for 17 years within the United Nations (UN) system, including roles in the World Health Organization 2004 – 05 and in the office of the UN Secretary-General (including coordinating Influenza Pandemic Preparedness 2005 – 10, the High Level Task Force on Food Security 2008 - 14, the Scale Up Nutrition Movement 2010 – 14, UN responses to Ebola Virus Disease in West Africa 2014 – 15, and action on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Climate Change 2016 – 17).

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