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Research for Impact, Insights for Action, Strategy for Success. That's what I'd aim for, every time.

Masters in Journalism & Mass Communication. Comfortable with data, experienced in research methodologies, enjoy ‘storytelling’.

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Comment on Poverty, by America
Apr 27, 2023

Powerful essay!

"Increasingly, American consumers are considering the environmental im­pact of their purchases. We should consider their poverty im­pact, too." You should. And just as the environment cannot be controlled by limiting the impact in America, so is it with poverty. Look beyond your shores please!

A for Afghanistan, B for Bangladesh... the list of countries dependent on America's largesse is long. When you ended with the vision of "our restored hu­manity", I'm sure you meant to include all humans didn't you? Thank you!

Apr 23, 2023

You would like us to dream, while we're having nightmares.

Today's reality cannot but lead to such imagined scenarios of doomsday. And if one tracks the first few years of the decade, the outcomes have proven to be worse than those imagined. Would you still fault our collective imagination?

But you could work on the root causes- leadership across the world feeding our paranoia, digital platforms making us insecure (at times even suicidal), financial intermediaries making us disadvantaged and pushing inequity further. But then again who'll bell the cat? :((

Apr 23, 2023

What I understood from Cooperation In Concentric Circles, these might as well be parallel lines which never meet. But those rails keep the train stable and running.

Next the decoupling. Again the train analogy might come in handy- on plains some coaches are left behind, some move forward. Uphill, coaches left behind may hurtle down, even get derailed! Downhill on the other hand, the coaches will just tag along and keep pushing. Aren't we generally going downhill now?

Finally, while decoupling here refers to inter-regional conflicts, what about intra-regional ones? Should we also consider EU members working at cross-purposes, or for that matter ASEAN?

PS: In my experience, usually there are no responses to comments. Will it be different this time? :))

Oct 14, 2020

Re-imagining but somewhat hesitantly? Worrying that "it is probably illegal"? One way out could be to use the stakeholder concept. And put it in action, not merely pay lip service to it.

Community, society, employees, customers, all are stakeholders. What if they were all awarded stocks and given representation on the board? Make management, low road or high road, answerable to that board, to those shareholders.

And it's perfectly legal.

Oct 06, 2020

So there's an opportunity to join the teaching profession since it's expected to expand online, which requires a much higher teacher-to-student ratio (ideally 1:1). 88% of the user group covered in Pearson Survey support the move to online, so the demand for more teachers online is likely to come up very soon. Good news for those who like to teach and like the company of children, but never thought of taking it up as an alternate career!

I would've liked to know more about the traits that differentiate the lady in Highline Public School from her colleagues, and make her a great fit for online instruction. NYT skips the details, but I feel a research study with a sample of teachers who have taken up online teaching with gusto (the screening criterion) would offer a lot of insights. Pearson may like to consider this.