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Interdisciplinary Corn Production Agronomist,                 Deichman Consulting                                                          Inventor, Plant Arrangement to Improve Crop Yield, (# 6052941) Editor, Solar Corridor Crop System: Implementation & Impacts Author and Co-Author, Articles In the Scientific Literature.    Founder, Solar Corridor Crop System, LLC; Campaign for Energy Independence; Sun Rich(see STK on NASDAQ); others                                                  

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Jul 19, 2022

We have feasibly accessible CO2 and Nitrogen in our atmosphere. Why don’t we incentivize innovative development to maximize removal in a more focused manner. e.g. awards for tons removed, of each. 

Feb 13, 2021

This article briefs a complex subject which offers unprecedented interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary opportunity! 
The deep root illustration offers an often overlooked point of the complex puzzle.
To that end, Fig. 2.8 in Solar Corridor Crop System : Implementation and Impacts (2019) Edited by Deichman & Kremer, Elsevier Academic Press offers a unique spatial framework to develop that opportunity. e.g. deep rooted perennials as the ‘floor’ crop with a modified sub rotation of the ‘main’ crops as part of a long rotation determined by the practical longevity of the perennial.