Aymeric Libeau

Founder, Transition-One

About Aymeric Libeau

Aymeric Libeau, 51, founded Transition-One in 2018 after 25 years with the Pentalog group, an IT services company based in Orléans (France), of which he was co-founder.
In 2017, Nicolas Hulot, then Minister for Ecological Transition and Solidarity, announced the "end of the sale of diesel and petrol cars by 2040". Convinced that it was necessary to act more quickly in the face of the climate emergency, Aymeric Libeau launched Transition-One.
His ambition is to industrialize solutions to accelerate the ecological transition and electric mobility in Europe.
Aymeric Libeau is a founding member and co-chairman of the AIRe association, which brings together all the players in the retrofit sector in France.
With 25 years of entrepreneurial experience in technology and innovation, Aymeric leads change.
His motto: "Never stop learning", this is a lifestyle, a mindset for a high resilience".

About Transition-One
Transition-One offers a clean, virtuous and sustainable mobility solution, which makes it possible to fight against climate change and to contribute to the end of fossil energies. We convert internal-combustion vehicles into electric vehicles in an industrial process.
Many European governments have decided to end the sale of gas- & diesel-powered vehicles in the future. But, why wait for the future?
Transition-One develops a retrofit adapted to our aging vehicles. Retrofitting technology consists in extracting all the specific elements to the internal-combustion engine to replace it with a 100% electric powertrain. The electric retrofit responds to major challenges of sustainable development: inevitable ban of petrol for electrics, and the inclusion of the project in a dynamic circular economy so as to not destroy, but rather rehabilitate existing vehicles in perfect condition to drive and respond to the new regulations.

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