Arzu Tekir

  • United States of America

About Arzu Tekir

Arzu Tekir is an entrepreneurial leader and business strategist with extensive international experience. As the founder of Urbanite Venture, a growth consulting firm that helps tech companies overcome challenges and achieve high growth, Arzu has helped numerous startups with new market opportunities, product development, effective communication plans, and capital.

She is also the founder of Career Transformation Academy, a social venture that helps executives and entrepreneurs transform their careers and lives while supporting university students with a scholarship fund. Arzu is passionate about creating a better future for all and has published "Now is Your Time: The Book of Lessons Learned to Transform Your Career."

Arzu is a sought-after speaker who lectures at universities and leads discussions on entrepreneurship, career transformation, urban mobility, and smart cities. Her thought leadership pieces have been published in Forbes and other corporate publications. Arzu's international experience includes serving as a board member for the European Tech Chamber Mobility Alliance and an advisory board member of Farklabs, an innovation center, and several tech startups. She has been recognized in various media outlets, including The Guardian, National Geographic Energy Challenge Blog, Jazeera Magazine, Bloomberg HT TV, Bloomberg Business, and NTV-MSNBC. In addition, she published an eBook, "Blockchain for Smart Cities: Simplified," in 2020 in English and Chinese.

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