Arwin Sharma

Managing Director & Principal Consultant, Odyssea Globale Ltd.
  • Odyssea Globale Ltd.
  • Belize
Linda Warnier

Project Manager, OECD


Rights manager, OECD

Managing publishing rights and copyright, licensing OECD content.
Kieran Jones

Forum Network Community Manager and Forum Programme Officer, OECD

Katherine Kraig

Communications Manager, OECD

Kate Lancaster

Communications, OECD

Julian Knott

Counsellor and Head of Campaigns and Mainstreaming, OECD

Joachim K. Doll

Platform Manager & Online Service Support Coordinator, OECD

Online Publishing and Digital Marketing
Janine Treves

Editor/Content Strategist, OECD

Over 20 years of experience in content editing and publishing management in the social sciences and public policy. Joined the OECD as a managing editor in 2011, responsible for a portfolio of subject areas (agriculture; environment; local economic development, entrepreneurship and SMEs; trade; transport; science and innovation). Previously worked at UNESCO (2001-2010) as editor-at-large and project editor. Trained in private academic publishing in New York.
Jan Landess

Events Coordinator, OECD

James Kitchen

Online Marketing Manager at OECD, OECD

Holly Richards

Junior Public Affairs Manager, OECD

Heino von Meyer

Head, OECD Berlin Centre

Francois Barnaud

Head of Partnerships and Fundraising, OECD

Clelia Lopresti-Conin

Events Assistant, OECD

Cesar Olvera

Online and Social Media Assistant, OECD

Carly Avery

Online Communications Officer, OECD

Caitlin Boros

Social Media Assistant, OECD