Antonella Crichigno & Nassima El Ouady (She/Her)

Advocacy, Policy and Research—GBV Co-ordinator; Lead, Alliance-building and Activity Co-ordination for Europe, Young Feminist Europe; COFEM

About Antonella Crichigno & Nassima El Ouady

Antonella Crichigno (She/Her) is a Third-wave feminist, always interested in opening her mind and eyes to new realities. She holds a master's degree in Women's and Gender Studies and works as a project manager. Within Young Feminist Europe she is a member of the Advocacy, Policy and Research working group, where she leads the work on gender-based violence. Be Aware Of The Malware is her first campaign as co-leader.

Nassima El Ouady (She/Her) is a feminist development practitioner in the international cooperation sector. She is passionate about gender and social justice. Her work focuses on applying an intersectional feminist lens to project development and advocacy initiatives. Within COFEM, she leads alliance-building and activity coordination for the region of Europe.

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Be Aware of the Malware: When technology and gender-based violence meet

Digital platforms can be used in transformative ways for awareness raising, advocacy and collaboration. But they will continue to be a space where harm against women and girls is perpetuated if adequate measures, policies and legislation are not put in place. Banner: COFEM/Young Feminist Europe

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